While Gucci’s horsebit loafers are famed and have

your guide to haute high heels

If the suit makes the man, then it’s definitely the shoes that make the woman but not just any shoe. Take replica louis vuitton a walk down the holy grail of high heels as Designer Louis Vuitton Replica Handbags Elizabeth Mathew tells you why without these shoes https://www.dolabuy.su/ , your wardrobe might as well be empty.

Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, women wore dresses so long cheap replica handbags , it covered their feet and no one really cared about what shoes they wore. Let’s call this the Dark Ages. Then one day, a young Carrie Bradshaw declared her love for the six inch stiletto on television, while women everywhere watched, and a new era was born an era where every woman believed that high heels (and we’re three inches and above at least!) were a wardrobe prerequisite, no matter what the occasion.

Today, shoes are the ultimate status symbol and for most women, owning a pair of branded heels would probably be at the top of her wishlist. You want to do something special for a woman? Buy her a pair of heels and you’ll win her replica louis vuitton bags over before you can say ‘Jimmy Choo’.

Pick Choos over shoes

A name that has become synonymous with sexy shoes, Jimmy Choo was founded in 1996 by Malaysian Chinese fashion designer Jimmy Choo, whom the brand is named after, and accessories editor for British Vogue, Tamara Mellon. What started as a ready to replica louis vuitton bags from china wear shoe brand is today a multi billion dollar luxury accessories brand that is known across the world.

The first name that comes to mind when talk of women’s shoes arises, Jimmy Choos have become a must have. The brand’s popularity in Hollywood is legendary and few Fake Louis Vuitton Replica Bags red carpet events are held without someone name dropping the coveted label. Legend has it that a number of Oscar winning actresses wore Choos to the ceremony the year they won, and its hard not to give the beautiful shoes some of the credit!If making women’s shoes were a form of art, the Spanish born Manolo Blahnik would be the Picasso of shoes. The name made famous by Carrie Bradshaw when she found a pair of Blahnik’s Mary Janes and termed them ‘an urban 1:1 replica handbags shoe myth’. The series may high quality replica handbags china have ended, but the brand’s renown lives on and the last word in shoes continues to be Manolo Blahnik.

“Shoes help transform a woman,” the designer once famously declared and one only needs to take a look at his elegant yet sexy designs to know he does practice what he preaches. From reinventing the old maid of shoes, the Mary Jane, by adding six inch heels, black patent leather and calling it the Campari to bringing a 50’s era classic, restrained sensibility back in style, Manolo has done it all.

Blahnik’s trademark has always been a classy simplicity and he stayed true to this aesthetic, right from the early seventies when his brand was launched. Despite the chunky platforms that were dominating the scene, Blahnik came out with sleek pumps and managed to make them popular. Although his real fame came when he became a common name on the TV series, it’s his flawless aesthetic that has kept him on top of his game. Oh, and his reputation for making the most comfortable heels might have a thing or two to do with it!

Red sole magic

At the opposite end of this spectrum you’ll find the wild child of the shoe world and you’ll know them by the bright red lacquered soles the Louboutins! Legend has it that the designer was inspired when an assistant spilled fake louis bag red nail paint over a desk, and the bright red sole (now patented) became his trademark. The brand that’s synonymous with expensive shoes the red sole means you can take the tag off and people will still know you’re wearing Louboutins are now the most coveted in the world.

With almost no formal training fake designer bags , Christian Louboutin worked for other fashion houses before setting up his own store in Paris in 1991. Word spread about his exquisite creations and after a visit from Princess Caroline of Monaco, the shoemaker became fashion royalty himself. Known for pushing the height of heels, making six inches the standard, and using a whole range of embellishments from feathers and fur to Swarovski crystals to PVC, the man has made shoes the ultimate accessory.

Few are aware of his fondness for Bolllywood, but the designer has claimed that the films high quality designer replica handbags were a major inspiration to him while growing up. While Gucci’s horsebit loafers are famed and have celebrated their 60th anniversary recently, their heels are no less coveted. Starting from the Tom Ford era, when the brand was revived and given a new lease of life, Gucci shoes have become objects of desire. From classic leather pumps in the late nineties, to the T strap patent pumps from Spring/Summer 2013, the brand has ensured that it stays in the limelight.

Louis Vuitton, another luxury brand that used its expertise with leather to move into shoe making is still extremely popular. This year, their Oh! Really shoe from the Prefall 2013 collection has the high heeled open toe pump in black with a classic lock at the back. From Perfect Quality Louis Vuitton Replica suede to sequins to patent leather, the subtle variations on the basic shoe have all the makings of a future icon.

British brand Burberry, best known for the classic trench coat, replica designer handbags seem to be taking the ‘all that glitters’ trend to the hilt with their collection of metal tone wedges including a silver python print and a deep cerulean satin finish ankle strap number.

Other names that seem to be creating ripples in the shoe world include Nicholas Kirkwood, Stuart Wietzman and Brian Attwood, all of whom have their own unique, quirky take on the art of shoe making that are sure to become well known names.

So between the timeless classics and the new range of wearable art for your feet, women clearly have a lot to choose from. But whether you’re going to stick to the classics or experiment with newer labels, always remember all you need to conquer the world are the right pair of shoes.

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